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Create Solutions. Crush Your Goals. Be Your Best. 

Your time is valuable. Results are important. Find the results you work hard to get.  


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Clear distractions and focus your efforts for better results.



Find traction to move forward with clarity and confidence.


Create solutions that crush your goals and help you be your best.
The demands of business are a reality. You are pulled in many different directions each day.
You have your overloaded “Must Do” list and your hopeful “Will Do” list and your elusive “Should Do” list.
The problem is, you never get to your “Should Do” list. And, if we are honest, that is the most important list of any list—with no time to get to it. 
This is what we do to help you do.
We work with you to create sustainable strategies that create space for the urgent and important needs in your personal and professional life. 
Find the focus you need to gain momentum and see greater results.
You will clear the noise, shift energy and eliminate drift so you can create solutions, crush your goals and be your best.
 Actually, let us help you rename your “Should Do” list to your “Get To” list.
Find the results you work so hard to get. 



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Explore how to create solutionscrush your goals and push through your personal and professional roadblocks so you can be your best. Schedule a session today!
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Clear The Noise · Shift Energy · Eliminate Drift

What makes this different?

When you work with FourCored, you work with me as your coach. As your coach, I work alongside you to help you discover the best answers for your business context. I provide the tools, framework, encouragement and accountability structure to help you create solutions, crush goals and be your best.


What you can expect...

We will work with you to find clarity in who you are, where you are going and building sustainable strategies to help clear distractions, gain momentum and see results. We want to see you succeed. We believe successful businesses are the foundation to vibrant communities, strong families, strong economies and purposeful living. If you succeed, we all succeed.  

"I knew I was going to benefit from Scott's coaching within 5 minutes of the start of our initial session. Scott is insightful and understands the mindset of executives and business leaders. He provided me with useful resources to broaden my understanding of the choices present with challenges I faced. Scott is keenly intuitive and his work as my professional coach brought measurable value to my life - both personally AND professionally."


"Scott will ask you really good questions, give you time to think, and then listen to you very carefully. By the end of the session, you’ve crafted a creative and strategic solution for wherever you’re at. Through Scott’s coaching, I’ve had paradigm shifts in my leadership practice that have not only simplified and streamlined my logistics and communications but have refined and clarified the vision of my entire organization. If you are brave enough to get to the core of your strengths and vulnerabilities, you may be ready to give Scott a call"


"Scott provided the tools, resources and accountability that is so needed to be successful. And because of his wisdom, insight and willingness to uncover and listen greatness is tangible!"


Hey, I am Scott....

For the past 25 years I have helped organizations to cast vision, change culture, remodel and redesign systems and spaces, and walk through transition. 

My wheelhouse is helping business and organizational leaders to elevate the heart of what they do by helping them to get clarity on who they are, design where they want to go, and build a plan to get there.  

I help for-profit businesses have a not-for-profit heartset (you make money, but you also make people’s lives better by what you do and how you do it), and I help not-for-profit business to have a for-profit mindset (you make people’s lives better by what you do and how you do it but you have also identified your sustainable revenue sources.)

If you want to know what truly makes the difference, I would like to offer you a free strategy session where we dive into exploring what a customized plan could be for you.  

This offer is available now. Don't wait. Schedule your session today. 

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